Top Trading Mindset Coach, Michael Lamothe, Publishing Debut Workbook on Trading Beliefs and Inspiring a Change in Mindset

NY Trading Entrepreneur Michael Lamothe is helping traders face the biggest risk in trading—the "man in the mirror"—in his debut workbook, The MARA Mindshift Guide, on November 4th, 2020

New York, NY, October 28, 2020 --( Michael Lamothe, one of the top Trading Mindset Coaches in the US, builds upon his 20+ year trading experience to help traders find success and financial independence. He is now bringing this infusion of trading fundamentals and mindset to the masses through an easy-to-follow workbook titled The Mara Mindshift Guide, available on Amazon.

Lamothe was inspired to write this book based on his own experience. Having been homeless at the age of 7 and bearing witness to his parents’ messy divorce, Lamothe didn’t realize how those emotions and negative beliefs were weighing down on him into his adulthood and trading career. He initially thought the issue was in his trading style or not having enough experience, but he soon realized that it had everything to do with mindset. “I was failing at trading, trying to balance being a part-time trader, working full-time and being a new father. But I had no idea how deep down the rabbit hole I had to go to get to the root of the problem.”

Lamothe got to the root of the problem and it turned his trading around, inspiring him to found Mara Wealth and create the MARA Mindshift Guide. In this workbook, Lamothe provides real life examples and ties it in with simple, easy-to-follow beliefs exercises to help you manage your mindset and gain clarity about your trading beliefs. You will learn the top 5 ways to manage your mindset and find success in your trading.

The MARA Mindshift Guide is already gaining great traction and praise by members of the trading industry.

“I went through the workbook, and it’s solid. This should help people improve their trading and mindset,” said Rizwan Memon, Founder & President of Riz International.

“This is Fantastic! Easy to understand and applicable to anyone. I think even people who aren’t trading should read this. I love the exercises, and the way the book also takes you alongside Bob as a real-world example. Well done!” Austin Silver, Co-Owner, Head of Trading & Education at ASFX.

Lamothe says, “I know the pitfalls and the struggles traders face. I faced them too. But it takes more than research and understanding trends to be successful at the market. It is a whole new revolutionary shift in mindset that will lead you down the path of success and allow you to live the life you want to live.”

MARA Wealth was founded by trading entrepreneur Michael Lamothe and offers an Elite Membership package that includes Live Group Coaching, a global supportive community, proprietary tools and even a health & wellness consultation to help traders reach their trading goals. For more information, please go to the company website or follow Mike on IG/Twitter/Stocktwits @michaelglamothe.
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