Loveforce International Releases A Salve for America’s Election Woes

Loveforce International is releasing two songs to help comfort people after the election. They are also releasing a Halloween song and giving away an e-book of scary stories in honor of the singles.

Santa Clarita, CA, October 28, 2020 --( In an unprecedented move, Loveforce International Records is releasing a two pronged salve for America’s election woes on Friday, October 30th. The salve will come in the form of two songs by Loveforce International Recording Artist Billy Ray Charles. The songs are entitled “Bright Days Ahead” and “My Name Is The Blues”

Both of the songs are written to make an emotional impact on people. “Bright Days Ahead” is a very happy, peppy, uplifting song. “My Name is The Blues” is a sad song but its got a groove that sticks with the listener. A third song, “Monster’s Ball” also by Billy Ray Charles, is a groove oriented R&B Halloween Anthem with Monster voices rolled in. That song is also being released on October 30th.

Loveforce International will also be giving away an e-book on Friday, October 30th. The book is entitled Stories of The Supernatural. The e-book is a collection of short scary stories by Author Mark Wilkins. Wilkins is also a co-writer on the song “Monster’s Ball.”

“We’re releasing a upbeat song and a sad song by our Key Artist and preeminent songwriter Billy Ray Charles so, that when the election is over, no matter how you feel about it, Billy Ray has got you covered,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “We’re releasing the Halloween song and giving away an e-book of scary stories because nothing in recent memory is scarier than the campaign ads for this election,” he continued.

The e-book is being given away worldwide on Amazon exclusively, on October 30th only. All three singles will be distributed to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Napster, KKBox, Media Net, Twitch Soundtrack, Tik Tok and Net Ease.
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