Greenshine New Energy’s New Solar Lighting Project Enhances Safety and Powers Security

Lake Forest, CA, October 29, 2020 --( Sometimes a project serves more purposes than just one. That’s the case with Bucky’s Casino in Arizona, where the customer had an overflow lot that was located on a hill separate from the casino. The Yavapai Tribe considered traditional lighting, but would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to trench and conduit through the rocky ground.

Interested in more cost-effective options, the Yavapai turned to Greenshine New Energy for a solar parking lot lighting solution. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, the solar components for the lights served a special purpose—they powered a security system for the lot as well. “The addition of the solar lighting and ability to have a complete security system not only saved money, but added value to which patrons of the casino now have a safe, well lit, resurfaced and monitored lot to utilize,” said Dave Beatty, Regional Sales Manager for Greenshine New Energy. “This project was such a success for the Yavapai community that we are currently in the process of completing a similar installation across the street for another Casino.”

It seems that solar lighting not only saves money and serves different applications, but affects neighboring businesses and buildings. There’s a definite visual appeal when someone sees a light powered by a solar panel, and projects like the one for Bucky’s Casino are exemplary for others to join the green movement. Save money and the environment at the same time. That’s the power of solar-powered lighting.

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