Brightleaf Solutions Releases API, Helping Clients Access Its Meta-Data Extraction Engine

This new development will significantly enhance customers’ extraction capability

Brightleaf Solutions Releases API, Helping Clients Access Its Meta-Data Extraction Engine
Brookline, MA, October 30, 2020 --( Brightleaf Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of contract extraction and analytics solutions for tracking contract data, today released Brightleaf extraction engine’s Application Program Interface (API). This will enable Conract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems’ vendors to have Brightleaf’s powerful AI extraction software embedded into the workflow for these systems. As a Third-Party Paper contract comes in for review, it can be sent to Brightleaf’s Extraction Engine software to tag the necessary attributes, provisions, clauses and obligations including any data that the clients would want to track.

The software analyzes and extracts the necessary terms from large, complex contracts and associated companion documents so they can then be effortlessly migrated into any enterprise level software or contract lifecycle management software.

“The industry has been waiting for Brightleaf to get access to our powerful AI software. Brightleaf truly believes and is committed to supporting its clients altering business needs. This API release will help its clients to manage their active and even contracts in the pre-execution stage more efficiently, giving them the ability to extract the necessary information as well as to compare clauses with their standard clause library,” said Samir Bhatia, CEO of Brightleaf Solutions. “We are excited to provide the much-requested software to our clients.”

Brightleaf’s Natural Language Processing, AI and ML based software, is able to break down the contract completely and determine the important information that needs to be extracted. With Brightleaf’s API integration release clients are just a click away from the information they need for closing a deal and/or making important business decisions.

About Brightleaf Solutions, Inc.

Brightleaf provides a technology powered service to extract data from your contracts at extreme accuracy using our own proprietary AI/Semantic Intelligence/Natural Language Processing technology, our own team of lawyers to check the output, and our own Six-Sigma process.

Your legacy contractual documents along with this extracted meta-data can be migrated into a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system for tracking and reporting. This greatly enhances the value of your investment in the system. The data can be virtually anything, and it is customized for each of your type of contracts. All meta-data, terms and conditions, legal provisions, and even all obligations (which are usually scattered throughout your contracts) are extracted by our software. Our team of lawyers check each-and- every extracted data-point against the original documents using a stringent Six-Sigma quality process, which delivers highly accurate results.

Brightleaf gets recognized very often, including “Company of the Year” as a Contract Management Services provider. Details of this and other recognitions and awards can be found at

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