Monitor COVID-19 Risk with New Audio and Video Guided Panel of 16 Immediate Non-Invasive Test Results from Centers for Age Control Inc.

The HealthMeter™ COVID-19 Tests ( enable immediate discovery of potential infection or need for immediate emergency care, noninvasively monitoring a panel of audio and video guided tests of 16 COVID-19 indicators and risk factors, including functional age vs birth age, high frequency hearing loss, mental confusion, lungs, blood oxygen, heart rate, obesity, blood pressure, heart rate. Built on the global cloud based AgeMeter® Functional Age Test for longevity therapy and research.

Las Vegas, NV, October 30, 2020 --( Tests Results: (* indicates also used to calculate estimated functional age)

COVID-19 Risk Factors (Comorbidities):
1. Estimated Functional Age vs Birth Age
2. Blood Pressure
3. Body Mass Index (BMI, measured with bluetooth Body Fat Scale)

These COVID-19 Risk Factors are also Indicators when low value is new:
4. Lung Function Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)*
5. Lung Function Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV-1)*

COVID-19 Indicators:
6. Heart Rate (New Increase is a COVID-19 Indicator.)
7. Temperature
8. Highest Audible Pitch* (New High Frequency Hearing Loss)
9. Muscle Speed/Coordination* (New Decline)

COVID-19 Cognitive Indicators: (Suggests CDC's New Confusion Risk Factor if New Decline)
10. Short Term Memory*
11. Auditory Reaction Time*
12. Visual Reaction Time*
14. Visual Movement Time*
15. Decision Reaction Time*
16. Decision Movement Time*

See links to scientific studies and reports and explanation of each test's connection to COVID-19 at

See Agemeter functional age testing at

No supervision of the test subject is required. Video and audio guidance explain each test. There is access to the results of all of a subject's previous test sessions.

Other Key AgeMeter® features and benefits:

- The AgeMeter® database continually updates and grows using globally collected anonymous data.
- The AgeMeter® value increases as the database grows, enhancing the precision of test results.
- AgeMeter® advances aging reversal research worldwide as a perpetually expanding global aging study.
- The AgeMeter® can be foundational for age research with its database approach that can be customized.

* Disclaimer: The AgeMeter/HealthMeter tests are not a medical device and do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent COVID-19 infection or any disease.
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