Gaz Métro Plus, Part of the Energir Group, Launches a New Smart Home Project in Quebec

In partnership with Okos Smart Homes, Gaz Métro Plus, part of the Energir group, is now helping natural gas customers transform their homes into a brilliant living space providing optimal comfort while saving energy with smart home technology.

Montreal, Canada, October 30, 2020 --( Okos Smart Homes is a Canadian CleanTech company specializing in new energy services helping utilities reduce GHG emissions and helping them reach their energy conservation goals. They provide easy and affordable access to smart home technology, enabling clients to optimize their gas and electricity consumption and save on their bills.

The Gaz Métro Plus Smart Home (Maison Intelligente Gaz Métro Plus) is the first smart home program in Quebec's natural gas industry, reducing energy demand and GHG emissions. The fight against climate change starts close to home by modifying energy consumption habits. Bringing the latest technologies in the smart home industry to the Quebec market to help energy preservation is a major step towards a greener, better future.

Enabling Quebecers to consume smarter and waste less energy is key. Past projects have shown up to 11% in total carbon emissions reduction and this program is positioned to show great results in the province.

Okos Smart Homes helps customers save up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs alone relative to a 22°C setpoint.

The smart home market is seeing a huge demand but it is very fragmented, offering a magnitude of products, controlled devices, and levels of service. Homeowners are intimidated by complexity of products, lacking the technical skills to install devices and can be put off by the high up-front costs. Okos Smart Homes eliminates these barriers with optimal product selection, professional installation, proactive support, and zero up-front costs.

Integrating home automation often requires the complex installation of different apps in order to manage all devices separately but the innovative all-in-one solution from Okos Smart Homes eliminates unnecessary complications. The cutting-edge technology enables clients to see and control all of their smart devices using a single app on your phone or tablet, and by voice command. The result is simple, effective and provides unmatched comfort. Customized to the needs of individual households, the Gaz Métro Plus Smart Home (Maison Intelligente Gaz Métro Plus) can be adapted and optimized for comfort and security.

On top of great energy savings, this program offers a multitude of optional devices to keep families safe such as smart alarm systems, smart cameras, smart door locks, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and smart doorbells.

The Gaz Métro Plus Smart Home (Maison Intelligente Gaz Métro Plus) is now offered in the Greater Montreal Region for a low monthly price and is eligible for a grant of up to $100 from Énergir Limited Partnership for the smart thermostat (which is subject to eligibility for Énergir energy efficiency programs as approved by the Régie de l'énergie).
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Andy Nova