Hallo-Scream from the Ocean. FiDive and OneBreath Offer an Ocean-Friendly Halloween for Kids to Learn Sustainability.

The global diving information platform FiDive to Be Free recently partnered up with OneBreath, a Taiwan wetsuit manufacturer, to jointly hold a flash mob event featuring ocean sustainability during a local Halloween event in Taipei City, Taiwan. This is the first cross-industry cooperation based on consensus in promoting ocean sustainability in Taiwan’s diving community.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 04, 2020 --(PR.com)-- FiDive to Be Free (FiDive), an information integration platform offering solutions about freediving, spearfishing, and sustainability for freedivers and spearos worldwide, has cooperated with Taiwanese freediving wetsuit manufacturer OneBreath on a local Halloween event, Hallo-scream from the Ocean. 2020 Halloween Ocean Sustainability, in Taipei City of Taiwan to promote the awareness of sustainability to the ocean environment. The flash mob event had successfully drawn over 100 parents along with children as participants, and the specially-made event sweets, FiDive4Ocean Lollipop, were all swooped up within ten minutes and completely out of stock in thirty, prompting OneBreath to offer extra giveaway sweets, twenty bags of shark gummy candy, with special delivery. The event ended up with a lingered air of enthusiasm and has embedded the seeds of sustainability to grow inside Taiwan youngsters’ minds.

The partnership in this Halloween event is unprecedented in Taiwan’s diving industry. The combination of an information platform and a wetsuit manufacturer has brought together fresh inputs into the promotion of sustainability. The executive team was wearing OneBreath’s Yamamoto Super Stretchy wetsuits, dressing up as the renowned knights from a Japanese popular TV series for teenagers. Appointing themselves as OneBreath Knights 4 Sustainability, each knight held a fish-net-trapped marine creature, such as a green sea turtle, shark, and dolphin, to seek assistance from the crowd in untangling the creatures from the nets and plastics.

Any challenger who achieved the task and identified international eco-friendly symbols, as well as International Universal Recycling Codes, would receive a FiDive4Ocean Lollipop as a reward. Those eco-friendly symbols include the household recycling symbol Energy Star and Forest Stewardship Council. The first step to practicing sustainability in their daily lives could start from purchasing goods with these marks. Halloween is celebrated by most kids for receiving treats without reasons, but the lollipops here are accompanied by a sense of achievement, leaving a memorably sweet savor of helping marine animals on the participants’ tongues.

“We are impressed by the Taiwanese government’s outstanding performance in the crisis management to COVID-19 and its success leads to a comfortable environment to hold Halloween events as usual,” said Felicia Tseng, the founder of FiDive. “We’d like to highlight the importance as well as share the knowledge of ocean sustainability to Taiwanese people. By leveraging the joyful Halloween ambience, it is thus easier to approach the public because issues of environmental crisis often come with a heavy sense of morality and responsibility, which could scare some people away.” She also expressed the importance of cooperating with a local partner, “We are open to work with local brands that care about the global ocean crisis, and we believe it will accelerate the landing of management in sustainability development by consolidating our relations with local business groups.”

“I am honored to have the chance to cooperate with FiDive to Be Free in this year’s Halloween event, and I can’t care more about our ocean environment,” said Tzu-ling Shen, the founder of OneBreath. “Building a positive image on freediving wetsuits to the public through this event is our goal as well. Freedivers in Taiwan are not familiar with wetsuits, nor do they understand the importance of wearing one. They are more than a sporty garment, in fact, they are like knights to protect people from threats in the wild ocean. I hope today’s event will excite the public’s interest in the ocean, hopefully galvanizing them into action—to protect our precious blue world.”

During this global pandemic, the festival may light up people’s moods in different levels, but the way that FiDive and OneBreath brought happiness to people is certainly precious because they delivered an important message—in order to live in harmony with earth, we have to care more about the connection between our daily lives and the natural environment, not only the safety of human beings. The screams from the oceans could be expected to be replaced with happiness if the brands continue to commit their hard work on their missions.
FiDive to Be Free
Jenny Tsai