Greenblock Completes ICF Walls for 2008 Southern Show Home in Orlando

ICF Wall construction for the 6000 square foot Southern Show Home has been completed ahead of schedule and nearly 100% of the EPS foam construction waste has been recycled.

Stuart, FL, April 26, 2008 --( Green Innovations – including recycling of construction waste a priority for the builder.

Greenblock® Worldwide Corporation has completed the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall construction for the “2008 Southern Show Home” in Orlando. This 6,000 square foot home, featuring Greenblock ICF exterior walls and the latest in building technologies, will be on display and open to the public from July 30 – August 3, 2008. This public display will also coincide with the 20th Annual Southeast Building Conference in Orlando.

More than 1000 Greenblock insulated concrete forms were used in the construction of the exterior walls for the Southern Show Home. The Greenblock 2-4-2 ICF panel system used on this project consists of two 2-inch expanded polystyrene panels held together by polypropylene web ties every 6-inches. The panels are assembled on site and then stacked, very similar to stacking toy LEGO® blocks, to form the walls. Inside the ICF blocks, steel reinforcement is placed and the entire cavity of the wall system is then poured solid with concrete. The completed exterior wall structure provides superior energy efficiency, with a performance thermal rating at R-40, and a sustainable, durable solid wall able to withstand winds in excess of 200 MPH.

The entire assembly process of the Greenblock exterior wall structure took only six days to complete.

Designed and being built by James M. Krantz Construction Corporation of Orlando, The two-story Southern Show Home will feature a New Orleans-themed style and will exemplify true southern hospitality. The home is located on Baxter Street in a residential section south of downtown Orlando and is set on an over-sized home site with lakeside views and plenty of existing green space.

“We’re excited about this project which is planned to be very unique in style,” said R. James Krantz, president of Krantz Construction Corporation. “It’s going to be energy efficient, green and another great opportunity to educate the public on the viability of building green.”

An important “green” aspect of this project is the recycling of construction waste rather than sending all of the waste to landfills. Meeting this need, Greenblock recycled nearly 100 percent of the expanded polystyrene foam panels that were destined for disposal as scrap through a processing facility, Recycle Tech, located in Lakeland, Florida.

“Our product is not only made from recycled materials, but our forms are completely recyclable too,” added John Riddle, territory manager for Greenblock. “We are partnering with Recycle Tech who processes our scrap EPS foam and reduces the volume of the waste up to 90 to 1 with an end product that is small, solid and a raw material for future manufacturing. This not only benefits the environment by reducing landfill consumption, but also reduces costs on a construction site by limiting the hauling of waste.”

“One of the main goals for the Southern Show Home was to be as environmentally friendly, or ‘green,’ as possible,” continued Krantz. “We chose Greenblock ICFs for the exterior walls of the house because of their extreme energy-efficiency. Greenblock was the natural selection because they are a Florida-based company and I know how well they perform because of how low the electric bill has been on our 2007 Show Home in Orlando that also used Greenblock walls.”

Editor’s Note: High-resolution photo images of jobsite progression and recycled EPS foam are available to download through Greenblock FTP site.


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