Loveforce International Releases Rock, R&B, Jazz & Rhythmic Stomp

Loveforce International is releasing 5 new singles of various genres of music including a Debut Single by Stix Music Group.

Santa Clarita, CA, November 09, 2020 --( On Friday November 13th, Loveforce International is releasing five new singles. The singles will by Billy Ray Charles, Covid 19, Ricky Williams, Stix Music Group and inRchild. Loveforce International will also give away an e-book worldwide on the same day in honor of the new singles.

The releases include two singles by recently signed Recording Artists. R&B Artist Ricky Williams second release “Somethin’ Ain’t Right” is a song about someone telling a friend about a problem he is having in his marriage. The debut instrumental single “Windycity Blues” by Stix Music Group is a Rhythmic Stomp. Rhythmic Stomp is a new genre that blends several different genres.

The other three releases are by veteran Recording Artists. The first release is Billy Ray Charles’ second Jazz single "Melon Seed Deli." The second release is by a Covid-19. It is an energetic Power Rock song entitled “I’m Gonna Make You A Star.” The song is about a star maker trying to convince a girl to sign a contract with him. The third release, by inRchild, is “How Can I Go On.” It has juvenile shades of a Classic Rock sound.

The e-book being given away is The Mark Wilkins Reader Volume 2. The book consists of an eclectic groups of short stories and other writings with a host of characters including a gangster, a screaming child, ghosts, a rock star and an inquisitive fool.

“We are very proud of our releases this week, pay particular attention to “Somethin’ Ain’t Right” by Ricky Williams and the debut single by Stix Music Group,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas.

The e-book will be given away worldwide on Amazon exclusively on November 13th only. The Singles will be released to Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, iHeart Radio, Median Net, Apple Music, Napster, You Tube Music, Tik Tok and Net Ease.

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