"Na Kaminda" Detects Increasing Numbers of US Citizens Relocating to the Dutch Caribbean to Escape Polarization

The number of US citizens searching for options permanently to leave their home country has risen significantly, due to polarization.

Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, November 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The number of US citizens searching for options permanently to leave their home country has risen significantly. Immigration specialist 'Na Kaminda' for the Caribbean islands Bonaire and Curacao detects the growing interest. The company believes that the reason for the increased interest is, apart from election stress, Americans searching for ways to escape the national political division to start a more relaxed way of life.

Election stress
Due to the polarization, no matter who won the election, Bidon or Trump, many people will be disappointed with the outcome. It seems that the stress for four years of the leadership by either a democrat or a republican currently drives people to protest amongst others in front of ballot-counting centers. Others go online and search for information on the way to escape the country’s upheaval.

Easy access to Caribbean Curacao for US citizens
It is no coincidence that US citizens land on Na Kaminda’s website. Immigrating to the Caribbean is a dream for many because of the climate, the peace and quiet, and the friendly nature of the islands. Moreover, aside from the Dutch, Americans also have an advantage when documentation and permits are concerned.

A treaty signed in 1956 by the Dutch and American government that is still valid today stipulates that US citizens can relocate to Curacao under more or less the same conditions as Dutch citizens. The procedure to relocate to Curacao is much less complicated than Americans would experience when applying for a permit in Canada.

About Na Kaminda's Immigration services
Na Kaminda, based on Caribbean Curacao and in the Netherlands, assists individuals, families and businesses relocate to Bonaire or Curacao by applying for permits, filling out registration forms, coordinating legal fees, housing, health insurance and much more. Finding your way around a the Caribbean culture can be quite challenging. Applying for permits requires filling out and obtaining specific documents in the right order, registration in specific administrations, paying the right fees at the right moment and so on. Most laypersons find it difficult. Na Kaminda is experienced in helping people from all over the world. A significant part of their clients are American nationals.
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