Legacy Book Press LLC Releases Needed Inspirational and Hopeful Poetry Collection

In these tough times, "Holding Heaven" can provide inspiration, motivation and hope for the future.

Camanche, IA, November 12, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Legacy Book Press LLC has released its latest personal story told via poetry by Elsa Mondou. "Holding Heaven – A Collection of Poems" is about all the splendored manifestations of light on Earth. It contains the poems of seekers, those who treasure hope, and those who behold with awe. It also portrays the faces of humankind, how arrogance prevents insight, and how fickleness may be perceived as wisdom.

About her collection, Mondou, a Raleigh, North Carolina resident, said, “The poems are whispers to the soul, like scintillating refracted light in water, evanescent, captured as gifted in their transience and leaving a fragrance to the spirit like the gentle wind that bears the budding promise of spring. I wanted to share these glimpses of light, and so collected them over time...This book was written to share these brief perceptions of illumination, and as a form of discernment since solace sometimes comes from sources unexpected.”

Before he died, Elsa Mondou’s father had very much desired that these poems be published, and he was right; they are meant for everyone, to give light to the loved and the lost. In these tough times, Holding Heaven can provide inspiration, motivation, and hope for the future.

Legacy Book Press LLC, founded in 2020 and based in Iowa, seeks to publish personal stories told via non-fiction, autobiographical fiction, poetry, or a combination of the same. Holding Heaven is its sixth publication, with three more coming soon later this year or early 2021.

Learn more at https://legacybookpress.com/holding-heaven/.
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Jodie Toohey