Arya Peruma Launches a New Series of JAVA Programming Webinars Through Her Coding For Young Minds Community Initiative

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, November 14, 2020 --( Coding for Young Minds is pleased to offer a free JAVA Programming/Coding webinar series, presented by Arya Peruma for middle and high school children to further develop cognitive skills, critical and logical thinking, as well as problem solving skills.

“STEM education including Coding and Programming should be freely accessible to all students, no matter their background,” said Arya Peruma, Founder Coding for Young Minds Community Organization.

These webinars will also teach students how to code using Object Oriented Programming concepts in JAVA Programming Language.

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world and is a versatile language that can be used for a variety of applications. These include developing desktop applications, mobile applications, and various games. In the upcoming webinar, participants will be introduced to programming, and how programming languages like Java work. Participants will also learn about the components of Java, classes, and Object Oriented Programming. To register for the upcoming session, please visit:

About Coding for Young Minds Community Organization:
Coding for Young Minds is a not for profit community organization based in Ontario, Canada. Our organization aims to bring live complimentary Coding/Programming Webinars and STEM workshop events to help elementary, middle and high school students in the community to further develop their skills in terms of knowledge regarding subjects related to STEM, and to help them understand fundamental concepts such as Mathematics, Science, Coding, and Engineering.

About Arya Peruma:
Our Founder, Arya Peruma is passionate about making STEM education more inclusive for the underrepresented. She is currently a Grade 10 student attending Lorne Park Secondary School. Arya’s mission is to increase STEM and Coding accessibility for elementary, middle & high school students with limited opportunity to access STEM and Coding education, and simultaneously promote inclusivity within STEM and Coding education.
Coding For Young Minds Community Organization
Arya Peruma