Latest Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Technology Goes to Market

Introducing the ImmunOnOne, the world's first alternative health care product that combines pulsed light with pulsed electromagnetic energy.

Tempe, AZ, April 25, 2008 --( Immune Sentry, Ltd, announces the introduction of the ImmunOnOne, a small, lightweight, hand-held device designed to provide the user with an alternative method of improving health and wellness. This device is uniquely different from other magnetic health products, which are based on a single pulsed, or "static," magnetic field. The ImmunOnOne emits multiple pulsed magnetic fields that rotate in a patented circular motion around two axes. This action induces a minute electrical current flow that flows both parallel and perpendicular to the skin, stimulating cell tissue and glands electrochemically.

In combination with the pulsed magnetics, the ImmunOnOne emits two forms of natural light - high intensity infrared and high intensity chlorophyll green. Both lights aid in conditioning cells to receive treatment. The combination of light and pulsed magnetics produce natural healing forces that no other device on the market can.

Their experimentation demonstrated the benefit of treating the body at key locations called access points. While there are hundreds of these in the body, the ImmunOnOne treatment system uses only twelve of them to provide maximum therapeutic benefit and promote natural healing for common ailments, allergy and pain relief, and more.

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About Immune Sentry, Ltd
Immune Sentry, located in Tempe, Arizona, was founded by Zoltan Kemeny, Ph.D in 2007. Dr. Kemeny is an expert in pulsed dynamics with more than 30 years of academic and industrial experience. Along with Dr. Albert Fekete, MD, he invented and patented the ImmunOnOne electronic therapy device. Dr. Fekete conducted three years of extensive clinical research and product testing in Switzerland and Hungary, which resulted in the product's current level of refinement.

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