Private Placement Markets Opens Its Pension Fund – Global Alternative Investment Advisory Division

Private Placement Markets today announced that it has opened its Pension Fund – Global Alternative Investment Advisory Division in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2020 --( Steve Muehler, Founder and Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets, today announced that it opened its long awaited Pension Fund – Global Alternative Investment Advisory.

Steve Muehler stated, “A report from Willis Towers Watsons’ Thinking Ahead Institute showed that global pension assets study found that assets in the average global pension fund increased by 15.2 percent measured in U.S. Dollars for the Calendar Year of 2019. The top seven pension funds showed an average annualized increase of 15.8 percent, also measured in U.S. Dollars. These figures are in contrast to the 19.3 percent generated by a portfolio made up of 60 percent global stocks and 40 percent global debt over the same time period.

“In the very recent past, a past of just a few years, pensions are getting more creative to better align interests between allocators and asset managers and to expand access to ‘alternative markets.’ Many are doing more co-investments where they put up money alongside private market managers. Others are exploring innovative vehicle structures, and both are foundational functions of the Private Placement Markets.”

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