KBA Training Launches Instructor-Led Virtual Learning for IMCA DMT Refresher - Leading the New Norm in Enabling Diver Medic Technicians to Remain Certified

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd. (KBAT) is pleased to announce the launch of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Diver Medic Technician Refresher (DMTR) course via blended learning. Theory lessons will be conducted via Virtual Learning from KBAT’s studio in Singapore.

Singapore, Singapore, November 21, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Training Provider, KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT), is proud to announce the successful implementation and delivery of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Diver Medic Technician Refresher (DMTR) course via blended learning.

On 12 October 2020, KBAT successfully launched its first instructor-led theory lessons via Virtual learning for the IMCA DMTR course for Diver Medic Technicians (DMT) from its training studio in Singapore. Following the success of the IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor and Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor courses, KBAT applied for approval from IMCA to conduct the theory lesson of the DMTR via live instructor-led virtual training and in working with partners in various countries to conduct the practical and assessment at their premises.

For IMCA DMTs to qualify for renewal of the IMCA DMTR, they are required to complete 30 hours of lessons. Theory lessons are conducted in real time by an instructor, with theory and practical life support technique demonstrations shown live, and examples shared using technology modes of delivery and peer-to-peer discussions are conducted similar to a face-to-face lesson. Upon completion of the theory lessons, practical demonstration and online tests, the DMT contacts a practical training and assessment centre in their country of choice to complete their hands-on practical refresher training and assessment before a renewal certificate, which is valid for two years, is issued by KBA Training Centre. Currently, there are six approved practical training and assessment locations in Singapore (KBA Training Centre), Dubai (International Health and Safety Training Centre), Kuala Lumpur (Healing Chambers of Asia), Manila (Asian Hyperbaric Healthcare, Inc.), New Delhi (Advent Healthcare Private Limited), and Nonthaburi, Thailand (Sector 6 International Strategic Defense Co. Ltd.).

"At the onset of COVID-19, IMCA extended the expiration of DMTs certificate to 30 September 2020. With the current travel restrictions due to COVID-19, and the limitations of 'green channels' between countries, many DMTs worldwide have found it challenging to attend our face-to-face training in Singapore. DMTs have eight weeks to renew their certification upon the expiration of their DMT certificate. As the 30 September 2020 extension ended, the industry faced a problem. How will individuals maintain their IMCA DMT training and certification, and how will contractors maintain their contract requirements of an in date / current IMCA DMT in the dive team? KBAT established a Solution that has now reached many regions. KBAT applied to IMCA and received approval to provide an alternative blended learning for DMTR training - with the theory, practical demonstration and tests conducted via Virtual Learning, and the practical and assessment conducted at partner centres in various countries in South East Asia and in the Middle East. Following the success of our inaugural IMCA Trainee Air and Bell Diving Supervisor live instructor-led Virtual courses, we were confident that we will be able to deliver the DMT Refresher training to the standards of a face-to-face training. To date, over 40 DMTs have attended our training since the commencement of the DMTR course via virtual learning, and many have completed their practical training and assessments at one of our partner venues. We have received nothing but accolades from DMTs who have attended our training. As the pandemic is expected to continue beyond 2020, we are currently looking at expanding the mode of delivery and assessment with more overseas practical and assessment partner centres," said Ms. Nurul Asshekin Mustapha - Le Mason, General Manager of KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd.

For further information, please contact KBAT at Tel: +65 6542 4984, email them at courses@kbatraining.org or visit their website for more information on their DMTR course via Virtual Learning and their DMTR practical and training locations. https://www.kbatraining.org/course/IMCA-Diver-Medic-Technician-Refresher
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