MOFFAS Heralds a New Era of Online Shopping with the Latest Introduction of Built-in Social Networking Module

MOFFAS, a New York-based technology startup that focuses on building the next generation of social shopping environment, publishes a major upgrade of the Chrome extension software to enhance its social networking capabilities and reintroduces the underlying paradigm of “social shopping.”

New York, NY, November 27, 2020 --( “Social shopping is when online shopping gets powered by social networking,” explains Robyn Zhou, the founder of MOFFAS, when asked about what the term means. “We actually do use social media when we shop online, but we do them separately, like they are independent of each other. They are not and they don’t have to be. With MOFFAS, this becomes a mechanism, one that is organic, dynamic and, most importantly, symbiotic.”

“Vibin’,” the newest component that brings in such social networking functionalities for online shopping tasks, is a social mood/rating system that allows users to stay emotionally connected with others as well as directly express and share their feedback on any web page/item, in a simple, engaging and fun fashion. Unlike the majority of the extension functions, Vibin’ operates from a mini box that attaches to the browser window for convenient access. Together with the existing “Holler-Echo” in-page shoutout message system, Vibin’ elevates the current social shopping experience to the next level.

“Lots of us use Yelp and leave feedback and ratings everywhere, including our social networking accounts. However, they all belong to different platforms. When we check on the actual targets, such information that is supposed to provide insights is most likely not there,” answers Robyn when discussing the motivation behind this transformation. “We have many platforms, well-designed powerful isolated worlds across apps. That’s great, but we live in one world and sometimes it’s also great if we don’t do that many app travels.”

MOFFAS is a system that self-assembles inside web pages to create a mezzanine layer for users’ social shopping activities, from communicating to collaborating on building group orders to save money. Designed to be human-centric, it works on any website and delivers its services right inside the page, without the step of redirecting to third-party platforms. Merchants, on the other side, do not need to change their website codes.

“The extension is ready to work on any site,” introduces Robyn. “Merchants do not need to do anything or pay any fees to have the standard implementation. We do, of course, make the experience on our partner sites even better. There’s so much more we can do.”

The MOFFAS software system is designed to be omnichannel, with a social networking site, a browser extension that delivers core functionalities and a community edition of the mobile App (for both iOS and Android), at the moment.
The MOFFAS extension is free to download at Chrome Web Store.

Created and managed by New York-based Internet start-up, Being & Time, LLC, MOFFAS is a new cross-platform e-commerce service software that aims to build enhanced social shopping environment for both shoppers and merchants. The ever-growing list of functionalities provided by MOFFAS includes shared cloud shopping carts, group deal processing, group bill management, in-group communication, crowdsourced rating system, etc. For more information, please visit
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