New Website for Playing Backgammon Online

GammonPro was built to provide the look and feel of a real Backgammon Club. Play is smooth and quick and should be enjoyable to Backgammon enthusiasts all over the world. Features include realistic sounds, left or right orientation based on preference, play against humans, play against bot, Facebook login, advanced play clock.

New Website for Playing Backgammon Online
North Royalton, OH, November 26, 2020 --( - GammonPro is a new website to learn and practice classic backgammon. Unlimited use is currently free. Players can challenge a bot opponent or a real one.

The design of the digital backgammon board is nice and simple, but with lots of features to make things interesting. When players roll the dice, for example, the board highlights which chips can be moved and where.

GammonPro features a doubling cube, which can multiply a player’s final score up to 64 times. Instructions and help screen are available as well.

There's a Game Board as well, which lists all players who have posted current challenges and are looking for opponents.

The look-and-feel is traditional backgammon, similar to online Chess and Go weibsites. The user interface is a wood-style board, with the traditional "Backgammon Club" green felt as background.

One major difference is that each turn is on a timer, so players need to think and move fast. GammonPro also offers many more social options, from playing with friends to playing against the bot.

Once players are fluid with the rules, they may want to focus on live games more. There’s nothing wrong with playing against a bot, but the experience is different when a Backgammon player knows there’s an actual person on the other end of the virtual board.

To summarize: GammonPro is a good site for people who want to play traditional backgammon in a setting that is similar to having a real Backgammon board, dice and dice cups.

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David Kary