Show4me Premieres an App for Fans to Consume Music and Watch Online Concerts

New music app for fans to enjoy music, finding new artists and music trends, supporting and following musicians, watching online shows, buying tickets, music, and merch, joining Artistclubs, and consuming music-related content and updates from the artists they follow. Available for free in AppStore and on Google Play. Reviews welcome.

London, United Kingdom, December 09, 2020 --( Emerging hub for indie musicians and bands, Show4me Music Interaction Network, unveils a mobile app to upgrade the fan experience and complete the immersive environment of a full-fledged music network for its users. Available on iOS and Android, the app is free to download and use.

Show4me app offers varied functionality to consume music, shows, and music content without ads and distractions.

The app features music-themed content only, including popular music, trends, music charts, news from artists the user follows, and upcoming shows. Fans can connect with fellow music lovers as well as their favorite musicians with Show4me app. Music discovery in Show4me app is intuitive – a new track is a swipe away at all times.

App functionality includes track and artist discovery, following musicians’ and bands’ Artistclubs, messaging and commenting on the content, music listening, purchase and download, getting show tickets, watching online concerts, contributing to artists’ crowdfunding campaigns, tipping when buying music and Artistclub premium membership. Fans can curate their own playlist by adding tracks to Library.

Lock screen functionality allows fans to listen to, pause, and skip tracks. The app supports split screen functionality.

The app is free to download and use. Music purchases, Artistclub premium subscriptions, and show tickets require payment, just like the web version of the music interaction platform.

Show4me app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Show4me is a music interaction network for fans, music lovers, musicians, and music pros. Established in 2015, Show4me started out as a concert crowdfunding tool and slowly evolved into a full-fledged music interaction network. The platform has become a home to thousands of Artistclubs and online concerts by talented musicians and bands from numerous countries across the globe.

Show4me combines entertainment, connection, positive emotions and support between musicians and fans, allowing for a transparent and accessible way in the music business for anybody, from a beginner DIY musician to self-managed and indie musicians to international superstars.

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