Hoarding Explained for Family and Friends - a Virtual Seminar to Help

Hoarding is a complex issue. It is misunderstood by not only the public but also by the family members and friends of people that have hoarding issues. It can cause a breakdown in the family structure. Learning how to communicate with your family member and finding some middle ground is the first step in rebuilding that relationship.

Missoula, MT, December 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Organizational Consulting Services announces a new Virtual Seminar to help family members understand Hoarding behavior.

Hoarding is complex and often misunderstood. It's not about the "stuff". It's about what's underneath. But most people think that people with hoarding issues are lazy, uneducated and only care about themselves. If they wanted to - they could clean up their mess and not embarrass their family.

It's not that simple. People with hoarding issues have a variety of very complex things going on inside of them. A lot of time family members and friends only see the "stuff." They are embarrassed by their behavior and the mess. They might mean well - but they threaten them with the loss of a family relationship or completely cut them out of their life.

To help bridge the gap between family members who have issues with hoarding, Organizational Consulting Services has created a new Virtual Seminar to explain what hoarding is and isn't.

The seminar will:

- explain the differences between chronic disorganization and hoarding issues
- explore the many complex issues surrounding hoarding
- teach you how to understand and support your family member or friend
- teach you how to enable your family member to start making changes
- teach you how to help your family member "let go" and start to declutter

There will also be an opportunity for everyone to ask questions.

Family & Friends - Hoarding Explained - a Virtual Seminar will be held on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 - from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Mountain Time.

email for more information and a registration form: kefconsulting@gmail.com
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Karin E. Fried