Honey Body Care Company Showcases the Health Properties of Honey-Based Washes

London, United Kingdom, December 18, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Dry hands and skin may be the hallmark signs of the winter season for many, but Honey Body Care is working to reverse that trend with the launch of a body care product range that focuses on the health properties honey offers.

Based in London, Honey Body Care (https://honeybodycare.com) is passionate about extolling honey’s moisturising, anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits. The company has created body wash and handwash ranges, due to be launched in January 2021, that aim to appeal to all skin types and sensitivities.

Honey Body Care sources its key ingredient from honey hotspots such as in Norfolk, and across the globe in New Zealand and in northern Italy, where the company’s founder Alessandro originates from.

“Honey has antiseptic and soothing properties as well as the ability to nourish the skin through retaining and preserving moisture,” Alessandro said. “This is particularly important when washing the body because it helps to keep skin cells hydrated.

“We wash our hands multiple times a day, so it is no surprise that many of us will suffer from dry or cracked skin on our fingers or palms. By including honey in hand soap, moisture is encouraged to stay within the skin cells so that they feel well hydrated.”

Honey also contains antioxidants which are known to promote the skin’s elasticity, and a clearer skin complexion, while also reducing the visible signs of ageing.

“Honey, propolis, and beeswax have been used for thousands of years to heal and protect the skin, so I was keen to incorporate these natural, soothing ingredients into formulas that benefit even the most sensitive of skin types,” Alessandro said.

Honey Body Care offers a selection of products under its collections: Anvear, Edèa, Anchiö and Mèl, which are named after Alessandro’s town dialect in northern Italy.

The Anvear body wash collection includes a honey and almond milk blend as well as others.

Edèa is a handwash collection that is scented with essential oils, and the Anchiö Collection includes products sourced from different beekeepers and handcrafters to promote biodiversity and sustainable beekeeping.

The Mèl collection is a custom collection, offering customers the opportunity to choose and personalise their own honey soap blend. Customers can opt for Manuka Honey from New Zealand, Dandelion and Chestnut Honey from Trentino, North Italy, or Wildflower Honey from Norfolk, offering a unique experience to best suit their preferences.

Honey Body Care is keen to grow its customer base and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to roll out exciting developments to the brand. These include creating an e-commerce store that retails an increased range of soaps and cosmetics that use ethically sourced honey from independent beekeepers.

Also central to Honey Body Care ’s values is a commitment to promote and preserve the vital role bees play in honey production. Honey Body Care will be donating part of its profits to specific bee protection campaigns and creating communication material that aims to educate the public about supporting biodiversity and sustainable beekeeping.

And to find out more about Honey Body Care, visit the website and follow the company on Instagram at @honeybodycare

Editor’s Note

Honey Body Care does not use synthetic colours, mineral oil or parabens and the products are not tested on animals. Honey Body Care is also committed to promoting and preserving the vital role bees play and will be donating part of its profits to specific bee protection campaigns.
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