New Book by Libby Belle: "The Juicy Parts"

Adelaide Books announces the release of the collection of short stories, "The Juicy Parts."

New York, NY, December 22, 2020 --( Adelaide Books is proud to offer the latest work by Libby Belle, "The Juicy Parts," hitting stores everywhere now.

Prop up a pillow, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy the ride. These stories are meant to entertain. You hold in your hand 22 delightfully quirky tales full of lovable, incorrigible, funny, and impulsive characters that you may recognize – some might even be friends or family! In the story, A Simple Lie a divorcée struggles with love addiction. It’s payback time in Intruder Alert! Tragedy in Out of Luck links a mournful songwriter to a charming Irish taxi driver. Meet two brave teens, a zombie and a couple of ghosts in “Beyond the Wall.” The Bathroom Material section was created for those of you who like to read on the throne, with “shorties” like Gertrude, a zany gut-spilling massage therapist, and It’s Over, where that four-letter word is mistreated, while Ten Items or Less rolls you down the aisle to an unusual grocery store scene. And there’s more to enjoy.

Libby Belle lives in Austin, Texas, a city that thrives on weirdness – a perfect place to nurture her vivid imagination. It’s also where all six of her beautiful children, ten grandchildren, and a bunch of wonderful wacky friends and relatives reside. Anytime, anywhere, and especially during the witching hour, she has written over 100 stories, a book of poetry, and a half-dozen songs. “I even write in my dreams,” she says. “It’s a wonderful curse!” Her stories have been published in London and New York magazines and Texas newspapers, with contributions to Beyond Art & More magazine.

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