Remarkable Leadership Lessons: Change Results One Conversation at a Time by Denise J Cooper

Debut book by Executive Leadership Coach and Speaker Denise J Cooper Launches on December 31st, 2020.

Hartford, CT, December 30, 2020 --( In her debut book, Remarkable Leadership Lessons: Change Results One Conversation at a Time (Publish Your Purpose Press, 2020, 978-1951591465), executive coach, leadership trainer, and speaker Denise J Cooper utilizes her expertise and wisdom from 25 years of experience to guide her readers to achieve their full potential. The book is available for sale on December 31st, 2020.

Denise J Cooper is dynamic, well respected, and often quoted by her clients. As an executive coach, she combines her diverse business and industry experiences to help clients achieve remarkable results. As CEO of Remarkable Leadership Lessons Inc., she engages and energizes audiences and clients to step up their leadership skills. Born in Chicago, Ill, Denise has traveled and worked as a senior talent executive worldwide. She has lived in ten cities across the USA from East to West coast and north to south. Sharing stories and experiences she connects leadership, performance, inclusion, and belonging to practical applications. As the podcast host of Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper, at keynotes, workshops, and leadership training events, Denise's everyday style will help you glean lessons you can apply immediately to become recognized as a remarkable leader.

Former North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford had this to say about Remarkable Leadership Lessons: “As a former NC State Senator, a husband, father, a businessman, and a neighbor, every day I am challenged to open my mind to the possibility that there is another side here... another point of view that has to be included in my decisions. This book gives hope to all, that each conversation can change a mind, open a heart, and change your situation.”

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is a thought book. It's designed to let you see the power and potential within you, and if you show up, step up and speak up, you can get the results you really want. What stops us is complacency; being comfortable with fear, being less than, and believing we are not enough to be respected/loved/worthy because we experience the world differently than others. Remarkable Leadership Lessons is an action book. The anecdotes and case histories bring to life skills anyone and everyone can use to achieve more when they choose to engage in meaningful conversations that change an idea and get the needed results. The proactive measures and steps recommended throughout will help any leader establish more cooperative and supportive relationships.

The book is available on Amazon.

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