The Magpie Film Company's Documentary "Shaken: the Great Sylmar Earthquake" Unearths a Hidden Gem on the Outskirts of Los Angeles

"Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake," documents the aftermath of the Sylmar Earthquake on it's 50th anniversary. But hidden amongst the tragedy is the story of a close knit community that comes together during tough times, and is relatively unknown to the rest of Los Angeles.

Sylmar, CA, December 31, 2020 --( Bob Brill's homage to the disaster which changed his childhood is not simply a disaster documentary, it is a story of a community coming together during crisis.

The collaboration between Brill productions and The Magpie film company takes an in depth look at how disasters can make or break a community. Lessons that resonate as much today as fifty years ago.

In February of 1971 the largest earthquake on record at the time struck the San Fernando Valley. It destroyed homes, careers, and even lives.

But despite of the destruction, Brill's film is a fond reminiscence filled with hope and community. Kids are kids. Neighbors help their neighbors. And oddly, according to the current residents, that sense of community is still alive today.

Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Sylmar is a rural community with horses, hang gliding, and affordable housing; but they are an incredibly underserved community. Big retailers are afraid to set up shop, municipal services are limited, and there are still scars from the quake that shook this town 50 years ago.

But, according to the residents and some survivors, they wouldn't want to live anywhere else. A beautiful community with nature trails, space, and only a short drive to Los Angeles proper.

There is a lot to take away from this documentary, but one of the most interesting is that there are communities like Sylmar, hidden on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

"Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake" will premiere early 2021.
The Magpie Film Company
Edward Gusts