BitVPN Reveals Decentralized Technology Plans and Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for 2021

Singapore, Singapore, January 02, 2021 --( Cybersecurity experts at BitVPN today released the company’s strategic technology plans and cast their predictions on the cybersecurity trends for 2021.

As a decentralized VPN service based on blockchain technology, BitVPN avoids the core vulnerability and limits of traditional VPN services and protects users from censorship, data breaches and cyber-attacks with its multi-layer data encryption. The scrambling in a decentralized VPN network is the key to resisting all attempts at categorization hacking and snooping on users’ online data and privacy.

Decentralized VPN has been regarded as the tech revolution on privacy protection, making it much easier for users to protect personal information in the digital age. With the user-friendly graphic interface, BitVPN reduces the learning curve of the complex technology and provides users with easy-to-use features.

“The encrypted node servers of BitVPN spread across the world to serve the functionality of bypassing geo-restrictions as well as ensuring data security,” said Joe, Chief Technology Officer of BitVPN. “We will further improve the connection speed and enhance BitVPN’s performance for gaming and streaming media in 2021.”

Given the uncertainty of Covid-19 and virus-enforced digital transition, here are the top cybersecurity trends for 2021:

•SMEs and remote workforce are in urgent demand for online protection

The communication and collaboration ecosystem has fundamentally changed with the power of technology and remarkably rapid transition into work-from-home in the past months. Although improving online communications strategy and digital presence is the perfect way to make the best of an inevitable bad situation, for companies that can not follow up on IT infrastructure timely and adequately, cybersecurity has become a struggle.

Decentralized VPN can fuel remote working and learning by reserving and protecting the data security of online activities. The decentralized structure helps netizens regain the right of personal data from a previously centralized Internet structure controlled by governments, giant corporations, and other watch bodies.

•Cybercrime to continue rapid acceleration

Admittedly, the virus-enforced digital transition has created, accelerated and scaled for the uptake of many kinds of cyber technologies in almost all aspects of our lives. However, the fast-changing world provides increasing opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals that intentionally hurt the victims and the whole community.

During a year mostly dominated by the virus, more people are hooked to all kinds of digital devices for much more time than before. People’s behavior and habits may have been permanently changed. There are no signs that these attacks will slow down in the coming 2021. The predictable changes highlighted the importance of strengthening cybersecurity with innovative tools and guidelines.

•Mobile malware attacks will emerge as massive threats everywhere

With the penetration of mobile devices increasing, cybercriminals also tend to the emerging opportunity to gain profit aiming at smartphones, resulting in a huge number of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and even very sophisticated nation-state sponsored attacks.

Mobile devices and apps are becoming more vulnerable as objects and new approaches to cyber-attacks this year, causing data leakage and spyware. This new trend is likely to grow and develop in the future, prompting mobile VPNs to become a necessity for internet users to protect themselves against the concerns and risks to privacy and security.

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