Decentralized BitVPN to Bring the Integration with TOP Mainnet Into the New Level

The integration of the BitVPN App with the latest version of TOP mainnet has been started to develop. - August 28, 2021

BitVPN Keeps Hackers at Bay with Its Blockchain-Based, Privacy-Focused Technology Solution

In the aftermath of recent reports concerning a cybersecurity crisis resulting in a serious breach of sensitive data belonging to government agencies, defense companies and financial institutions in the US and Europe, BitVPN has assured its global clientele that its blockchain-based VPN keeps user data well protected from theft and hack. - June 17, 2021

BitVPN Reveals Decentralized Technology Plans and Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for 2021

Cybersecurity experts at BitVPN today released the company’s strategic technology plans and cast their predictions on the cybersecurity trends for 2021. As a decentralized VPN service based on blockchain technology, BitVPN avoids the core vulnerability and limits of traditional VPN services... - January 02, 2021

BitVPN Provides Tips for Remote Workers to Avoid Being Targeted by Cyber Criminals

In the modern era, digital devices have become part and parcel of the workplace and everyday life. Easy access to the internet across the globe has totally changed the pattern that people communicate and collaborate. - November 21, 2020

Blockchain-Based BitVPN Helps Prevent Cyber Attacks Targeting Corporate VPNs

According to an article from ZDNet, cyber-attacks targeting the enterprise sector have been at an all-time high in the first half of 2020. While researchers clearly put RDP as the most popular intrusion vector and the source of most ransomware incidents in 2020, the use of VPN and other similar... - September 03, 2020

BitVPN Assures No-Log Policy and Privacy Protection with Decentralized Structure

The increasing number of hacking and data breaches inevitably raised public awareness of online anonymity and data protection over the past decade. When it comes to protecting personal information, experts suggest app users to take adequate preventive measures. This is where many internet users regard VPN services as a more secure method when they connect to the internet. However, although proxy servers help mask IP addresses and avoid tracing, it is not flawless. - July 24, 2020

BitVPN Urges Users to Protect Twitter Account and Avoid Security Crisis

After a widespread security breach on Twitter, BitVPN urges users to upgrade the app to the latest version and switch on VPN service when using social media platforms to protect personal information. - July 18, 2020

BitVPN Adds a New Server in Italy to Cope with the Increasing Demand of Internet Traffic in Europe

An increasing demand of internet traffic has been seen by the whole world for remote work, online communication or entertainment like online gaming, video streaming, etc., which is an especially overwhelming issue in Europe. BitVPN adds a new VPN server in Italy to help users to cope with bandwidth crisis during this special time. - April 17, 2020

BitVPN Emerges as Viable Alternative as Iran's Internet Blackout Approaches a Week

80 million Iranians continue to suffer from the nationwide internet shutdown that started late on Saturday night. In this precarious situation, BitVPN promises to be an excellent way for the residents of Iran to go online and stay connected to the world. - November 23, 2019

BitVPN Assures Users of Hack-Proof Internet Usage Following the Recent Pwn2Own Event

At the recently concluded Pwn2Own event, multiple devices including Amazon Echo and a Samsung Galaxy S10 were hacked. Putting the apprehensions of their customers to rest, BitVPN informs that its customers are safe as ever and can continue enjoying hack-proof surfing. - November 15, 2019

Consumers Look to BitVPN for Safe Transactions Following the Recent Crypto Related Update by the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently included it in the individual U.S. taxpayers’ form. As crypto transactions continue to become more commonplace around the world, a decentralized VPN service named BitVPN is helping consumers protect their crypto transactions. - October 21, 2019

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