Protect and License Documents for Mac, Windows or Android

DocProtect 7 supports new video playback and HTML5 technology for popular document types wrapped into a licensed macOS, Windows or Android App.

Henderson, NV, January 04, 2021 --( Excel Software announced DocProtect 7 to protect popular document types and ensure that only licensed users on a Mac, Windows or Android device can view the content. Protect computer training courses, research reports, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and eBooks.

DocProtect 7 wraps a document into a licensed application and applies an offline or automated online activation process. On macOS, generate Intel 64-bit, ARM 64-bit or Universal binary for Intel or Apple Silicon computers. On Windows, generate 32-bit or 64-bit EXEs. DocProtect can also generate the source code of an Android app that can be compiled into a licensed APK with Android Studio.

DocProtect 7 supports new video playback and HTML5 technology for macOS or Windows apps. PDFs files can be embedded into the desktop application or securely presented from an online source. The viewer application is licensed to the desktop computer or Android device.

A collection of HTML5 files, scripts, CSS and images can be compiled into an application file with a custom icon. When running on the customer computer, the application browser window has optional back and forward buttons to allow link navigation to pages embedded within the application or external pages stored on the Internet. Source files and URLs are hidden from the user.

DocProtect supports popular document types including PDF, EPUB, videos, an image slideshow or HTML5 files. The author can organize, clone or batch build hundreds of protected documents with custom window size, maximize or resize options.

DocProtect can apply offline, online or dongle activation to a generated application. DocProtect can be used independently or together with QuickLicense or Safe Activation for online Serial Number activation. Use QuickLicense to apply a time-limited Trial license, Product license, Try/Buy license or offer protected documents as a Subscription or Floating license. With a Group license, when one protected application in the group is activated, all are activated for that computer. A Group license can be applied to any document type.

DocProtect is $495 for a Single User License on either Windows or Mac OS X 10.10 or later or $795 for both platforms. DocProtect running on either Mac or Windows can generate Android applications. DocProtect includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for unlimited documents or licenses. Visit the company website for demonstration videos and detailed information.

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