Need Home Staging Advice for Just One Room? Blue Diamond Staging & Design Now Provides That Service.

Carthage, NC, January 07, 2021 --( Home Stager, Kasia McDaniel, realized some homeowners and even real estate agents struggle with staging that one awkward room. They have all the other rooms ready for the photographer but either can’t figure out the best solution or can’t agree.

McDaniel, owner of Blue Diamond Staging & Design, LLC, came up with a solution to help them. She created what she calls "The Staging Snapshot." “Staging Snapshot allows homeowners to send me a picture of the room and ask for staging advice for just that room. They don’t want to pay for a full consultation and this gives them a chance to get professional staging advice,” says McDaniel. Homeowners can get staging advice in as quickly as 24 hours and will receive a room layout, wall color suggestions and items that need to be added or removed.

“It’s a great way to get quick advice on a room to help you sell your home faster. Especially important rooms like the living room or master bedroom,” says McDaniel.

Blue Diamond Staging & Design, LLC also offers online staging consultations via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp where homeowners can virtually meet McDaniel to “tour” the home if they need help with the whole house instead of just one room.

Interested homeowners can learn more about the services offered by Blue Diamond Staging & Design, LLC on the company website at
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Kasia McDaniel