Loveforce International Releases "A Bandit, Foolish Pride and Homage to Native Americans"

On Friday, January 8th Loveforce will release three new digital singles and sponsor an e-book giveaway of a Fan Book of one of the bands that has a single is being released.

Santa Clarita, CA, January 07, 2021 --( On Friday, January 8th, 2021 Loveforce International will release three new digital singles. The Singles are “Bandit” by Alternative Rock band Teacherz, "Foolish Pride" by Country Music Artist Mo Justice and “Glitter World” by Country / Folk Rock band Autumn Leaves. Loveforce International will also be giving away an e-book version of our first Fan Book for the Alternative Rock Band Teacherz, entitled Teacherz, Text Book, A Fan Book for The Alternative Lesson Plan Project.

The release by Alternative Rock band Teacherz, “Bandit” is about the romance many cultures have with the concept of bandits. They are often seen, not as thugs but as charismatic heroes of the working poor who redistribute the wealth of the rich. Even some gangsters during the notorious Crime wave of the 1930’s Great Depression in America were seen as heroes because they often burned mortgages that banks held on farms. The band, composed of working teachers drew on historical references when creating the concept this song.

The song “Foolish Pride” by Mo Justice is a very simple guitar-vocal made in pandemic lockdown. It is about how arguments can impact love. The lyric of the song talks about how people can, in the heat of an argument, say or do things that they may later regret, things that can alter or even shatter what otherwise is a lifelong love.

The Autumn Leaves song “Glitter World” is based on and inspired by a Native American folktale about an alternative world parallel to our own, where things are better. Lead Singer and Songwriter James McCown is often inspired by historical events (as evidenced by previous releases 3 Crosses and Open Sky about the Spanish Conquistadors conquest of the Americas and Texas Oilfield Murders respectively).

“I think many Anglo Americans believe that Native American culture is very backwards and simplistic but this is based on a lack of knowledge,” said McCown. “The more one investigates these cultures the more one realizes how complex they actually are,” he continues.

The e-book entitled Teacherz, Text Book, A Fan Book for The Alternative Lesson Plan Project provides fans of the band with insights into who is in the band, how it was formed and what inspired the band to write the songs that are being released by Loveforce International Records.

The e-book will be given away on worldwide on Amazon exclusively. The digital singles will be released to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, You Tube Music, Deezer, Napster, Media Net, Amazon Music, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, KKBox, NetEase, Pandora, Tidal, Pandora, Ten Cent, and TikTok, Resso.

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