Loveforce International Releases "I Need A Lover" and "Hey Senorita"

Loveforce International will release two new singles by Billy Ray Charles and Evan Lee Lovefire respectively and give away an e-book version of The Mark Wilkins Reader to honor the release of the two singles.

Santa Clarita, CA, January 12, 2021 --( On Friday, January 15th, Loveforce international will be releasing two new singles. The first single is “Hey Senorita!” by Billy Ray Charles. The second single is “I Need A Lover” by Evan Lee Lovefire. In honor of these two new singles, Loveforce International will give away the e-book version of The Mark Wilkins Reader Volume 2.

The song “Hey Senorita” is a departure for Billy Ray Charles. Known primarily for Southern Soul and R&B music, “Hey Senorita is a Latin Soul song. The spicy Latin rhythm and beats accentuate a song that is nothing short of an homage to the beauty of Latinas. Billy Ray Charles fans and newcomers to experiencing the Soul Icon’s music are both in for a surprise.

Evan Lee Lovefire’s “I Need A Lover” is a song about an itch we all need to scratch every now and then. With lyrics like “The night is cold and dark, Loneliness stalks my heart, Like a beast on the run from a hunter, I try to get away, Hide among the crowds who frequent clubs and bars, And pretend everything’s okay.” The song tells the story of someone struggling with loneliness and the need to connect.

The book being given away, the e-book version of The Mark Wilkins Reader Volume 2, consists of seven stories from seven different Mark Wilkins books. The stories span different types of fiction including stories about an inquisitive fool, a rock star, a screaming child, and a bush whacker. There is also a scary story and a humorous yet fake news story about a scientific discovery.

“This week we are releasing two completely different types of songs,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “'Hey Senorita' is the one I’m really excited about, it’s fun to listen to and it breaks new ground for one of our iconic artists. We believe it will both hold the attention of his old fans and gain him some new fans. By contrast, 'I Need A Lover' is very unplugged and poignant."

The e-book will be given away on Amazon worldwide on Friday January 15th only. The two digital singles will be released to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, You Tube Music, Deezer, Napster, Media Net, Amazon Music, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, KKBox, NetEase, Pandora, Tidal, Triller, Ten Cent, and Tik Tok, Resso.

For further Information Contact Evan Lee Lovefire at (661) 523-4954.
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