CEPTES Announces Another Flagship Product Named InleData

InleData is an enterprise data solution that collects and integrates raw data without any transition loss to give you holistic reports on your organization with minimal effort.

Bengaluru, India, January 13, 2021 --(PR.com)-- A part of their data lake solutions for AI and ML analytics, InleData amplifies an organization's data and analytics platform by setting up an ingestion and transformation medium with minimum effort. Ready for multiple inputs and various forms of data, InleData, is designed to work upon the principles of simplicity, cloud compatibility, adaptability, speed, and affordability. It offers a secure and flexible data storage option with real-time reports through an ML enabler.

CEPTES's enterprise data archive solutions are actively used and vouched by multiple Fortune 500 companies across various industries. The arrival of InleData gives them an added edge to bring in the concept of holistic intelligence rooted in unstandardized data. The support for streaming, batch unification, recovery, unique DEDUP and compaction makes it a robust mechanism. It also effectively solves the need for legacy systems, outdated operability and expensive EDWs.

The real-time monitoring and visualization system supported through multiple storages and API endpoints shall transform the delta data load without the need for a full scan. InleData comes as a boon when consumer intelligence has taken the front seat throughout the data ecosystem.

To know more about InleData, please visit: www.inledata.com

Comments on the News

"After successfully launching products like DataArchiva & DataConnectiva, which offer native-level data archiving services, we took it upon ourselves to transform the enterprise data management needs with a unified key. InleData is a highly scalable and customizable medium that aligns with our motto to address the industry's data challenges head-on. We focused our resources on creating a platform that brings data reliability and real-time analytical reporting together. InleData has been optimized for implementation across diverse sectors like marketing, healthcare, travel, automation, and insurance," said Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Co-founder at CEPTES.

He further said, "I am ecstatic to see the business outcomes and insights that shall be generated, thanks to the introduction of InleData. The solution shall act as a comprehensive provider for the structuring of large volume data sets across multiple sources."

“Data and analytics, aided by AI/ML, will be at the forefront of innovations for quite some time. That is why we focused on achieving 'no data corruption,' 'better compliance,' and 'zero-code' approach to create our delta lake solution, 'InleData,' that could scale at will without compromising the performance. Unlike the technology-first innovations, we have designed the system to enable businesses ranging from small companies to large enterprises to gather micro-level insight with unbelievable ease, even without a dedicated IT setup. I am definitely excited to see the kind of power InleData offers to businesses, starting from historical insight to real-time analysis,” said Kanhu Mohanty, Chief Architect at InleData.


CEPTES is a leading IT consulting & solution provider with a decade of proven service excellence. With 3 global offices & over 200+ customers across 5 continents, their capabilities spread across multiple industries, technologies & solutions. They are considered an expert in offering data & file management solutions to businesses of any size & type with their widely popular solutions DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, XfilesPro, and DataBakup. CEPTES leaders enhance their clientele' business performance through the synergistic actions of over 100 professionals across the globe. Strong believers in customer collaboration and high system integration, CEPTES coordinates its project objectives with the user goals at all stages.

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Mr. Nilamani Das