The Magpie Film Company's Edward Gusts Announces New Streaming Service

The Magpie Film Company will begin a streaming channel in October of 2021.

Pasadena, CA, January 13, 2021 --( On Monday January 11th, Edward Gusts announced that The Magpie Film Company will begin streaming its content on a new channel starting in October.

"The company has a library of content we've created which we have yet to release. With the exponential growth streaming services have seen in the past year, it creates a perfect outlet for short form, unrated and niche projects which we have yet to distribute traditionally," Gusts stated.

The company (and Gusts' previous company Helsinki Institute Pictures) has traditionally followed the standard model of finding distributors, selling DVDs, and licensing distribution. But delayed returns, along with the difficulties of production with multiple shutdowns have led the company to explore new outlets.

No mention was made about whether the new service would be subscription or advertisement based.

Gusts also mentioned that his Company will also begin to seek distribution rights to films not created by his company starting in the late summer, stipulating that any film purchased must fit the philosophy of the company. Namely, "High quality films with undiscovered talent."

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