220 Publishing Announces Inspirational, Business Anthology: "Faith, Failure, Success"

"Faith, Failure, Success" is an inspiring, informative and much-needed blueprint for maneuvering through life's journey. Each author offers a personal and unique perspective that encourages readers to embrace their faith, find value in their failure and pursue success in a way that brings fulfillment and inner peace.

Chicago, IL, January 14, 2021 --(PR.com)-- "Faith, Failure, Success" is an inspiring, informative, and essential blueprint for maneuvering through life’s journey. The book is an insightful 88 page-turner published by 220 Publishing and was released on November 30, 2020. It is filled with trials and tribulations shared by entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. Each author offers a unique perspective that encourages readers to embrace their faith, find value in their failure, and pursue success with methods that lead to fulfillment and inner peace. Contributors include Leonard Mogul, Olivia DeMoss, Pierre DeBois, Glenn R. Murray, Samantha Danielle, Mel Roberson. The foreword was written by Latresa Rice.

"Faith, Failure, Success" compels readers to never give up while remaining committed to their life’s purpose and goals. Whether it is pursuing a new career path, starting a new business, or simply seeking a more meaningful life, the book offers the tools needed to utilize faith to overcome failure and ultimately find success.

On Amazon, the book has quickly gained notoriety with its quick climb to the top of many categories, reaching the top 10 in Business Mentoring and Coaching, as well as, nearing the top 100 category in Business Motivation & Self Improvement and Motivational Management & Leadership.

“Working on this project has been very exciting. Even as a seasoned entrepreneur, my co-authors have invigorated me as I move into my next business venture. In my chapter, ‘The Mask’, I speak about the challenge of pushing through in your business – even if for a brief moment you lose faith in its core value,” said contributor, Samantha Danielle.

“Christian business owners do not have to divorce their Christianity to be successful in business. As a contributor of the book, 'Faith, Failure, Success,' I am excited to have the opportunity to show others that when they act like God while conducting business, their product reaches the masses and all will benefit from the entrepreneur’s display of royal identity through the process,” stated contributor, Latrisa Rice.

“I’m proud to have participated in this project in the dual role of publisher and contributor. We have an amazing group of writers sharing not only their wisdom but very personal pivotal points in their lives and careers,” added contributor, Glenn Murray.

"Faith, Failure, Success" can be purchased wherever books are sold.

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