Synergy Infosec Announces the Launch of Their New Cybersecurity Application

Miami, FL, March 08, 2021 --( Synergy Infosec is proud to announce the launch of their One-Of-A-Kind Cybersecurity application that offers scanners and tools to detect and prevent hackers along with providing top-of-line 24/7 security consulting.

Synergy Infosec is proud to announce that their company has been working hard to build their cybersecurity application to keep clients safe and fight cybercrime during this unprecedented and life-altering pandemic. Cybercrimes are on the rise during this wide-spread pandemic and there should be no fear of whether clients and their business are safe from cybercrimes. Synergy Infosec is here to save the client’s day. Let Synergy Infosec be their client’s cybersecurity superheroes.

Synergy Infosec offers a wide variety of web-hosted network tools and vulnerability scanners that help identify and stop cybercriminals as well as keeping the client’s business up to date with HIPPA compliances. Synergy Infosec’s web-hosted tools and scanners are available via an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard. With accessibility in mind, Synergy Infosec dashboard is designed to help newcomers to the world of cybersecurity to seasoned cybersecurity veterans. Synergy Infosec offers one-of-a-kind vulnerability scanners that include network scanners, WEB scanners, CMS scanners, and Recon scanners. In addition to all scanners, Synergy Infosec also offers intelligent network tools that include network testing tools, DNS query tools, IP address tools, and Web tools. All of these plus more can be found on the dashboard with a 7-day free trial.

In addition to Synergy Infosec’s various tools and scanners that Synergy Infosec offers, Synergy Infosec also offer unparalleled consulting services. If a client is under siege from a cyberattack, Synergy Infosec is available 24/7 to help. If a client needs help with updating their systems to be compliant, Synergy Infosec’s unparalleled consultations are backed by over 30 years of cybersecurity veterans here to solve any problems and answer any questions a client may have. A client may be unsure how to use and implement Cisco ISE. Simply ask one of Synergy Infosec’s veteran cybersecurity consultants. Synergy Infosec has over 30 years’ experience implementing Cisco ISE. A client may need a virtual CTO. Synergy Infosec’s consultants are distinctive mavens in cybersecurity, here to be a client’s cybersecurity superheroes.

Synergy Infosec strives to fill clients’ cybersecurity needs and fight off any cybercrime that may be affecting client or their business. As CEO would say “everyone needs a superhero to keep them safe every now and then.” Whether a client is a one-person operation or an enterprise-level company, tools, scanners, and consultation services are provided at honest and affordable pricing. Give us a try, during this time, Synergy Infosec is offering a free 7-day trial to test out the all-in-one tools and scanners dashboard. In addition to a free 7-day trial, Synergy Infosec is offering a 50% off subscription for the first year. If a potential client would like to learn more about Synergy Infosec and the services provided, please visit or get in contact by calling Synergy Infosec’s main office +1 (833) 384-2600 or email us at

Scott Kreuser
Synergy Infosec
Scott Kruser