Mantra's Fingerprint Scanners Now Support Biometric Log-in with Windows Biometric Framework (WBF)

Mantra Softech, one of the leading Biometrics and RFID solutions companies, has recently announced that its three fingerprint scanners i.e. MFS500, Mapro CX, and Mapro OX, drivers now support Windows Biometric Framework and work with "Hello" for login in windows 8.1 and 10 with fingerprint authentication.

Ahmedabad, India, January 18, 2021 --( The WBF has a set of services and interfaces to support the development and management of biometric devices. This framework provides compatibility with biometric services and drivers and allows device to interact with the system and supports biometric solution development.

During the press conference, Mr. Hiren Bhandari, Technical Director at Mantra Softech stated, "We are pleased to offer WBF solution to our global customers who are using our fingerprint devices. Earlier in order to use fingerprint scanning devices, vendors were required to provide their own USB drivers, SDKs, and application that resulted in lacking a homogeneous user experience and a common management platform for all fingerprint biometric devices which complicated the process of applying fingerprint recognition products in Windows. With this framework, it will be now possible for fingerprint device users to operate on a common management platform that will enhance the quality, reliability, and consistency of the user experience."

He also added, "We are currently in the process to make our other fingerprint modules compatible with WBF and soon we will be announcing that news as well."
Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd.
Arjun Singh