SelbySoft Releases Line Busting Options to Help Restaurants

SelbySoft, Inc. has released a line busting option designed to help pizza and coffee shop owners.

Puyallup, WA, February 11, 2021 --( SelbySoft, Inc., developer of the popular point of sale system for Coffee and Pizza, has certified new hardware for use with Line Busting technology.

The entire current line of Microsoft Windows Surface tablets has been certified along with tablets from Dell, Acer and many other manufacturers of Windows 10 tablet. A complete list of specific devices can be obtained directly from SelbySoft, Inc.

"In this new world of ordering, we have recognized that our customers are demanding options to take orders are the car, in line or even just over the phone. Our Line Busting service has the ability to help solve this problem for our customers. Adding these hardware options allows our customers to have much greater choices when looking at operating with these in their restaurants," says Mike Spence, President, SelbySoft, Inc. "We have spent considerable time going through multiple tablets internally and tweaking our Line Busting software to have the greatest compatibility possible, while still maintaining the high standards our customers expect from SelbySoft. We feel that this will open up the ability for a greater number of our customers to have a small, tablet POS for use in a line busting capacity."
SelbySoft, Inc.
Mike Spence