SelbySoft, Inc. Releases Automated Customer Quote Time Software

SelbySoft, Inc. has released a new version of its popular restaurant POS system. This version includes an automated system for quoting order times to customers in pizza and coffee shops.

Puyallup, WA, March 18, 2021 --( SelbySoft, Inc., developer of the popular point of sale system for coffee and pizza shops, has released a new version of Order Processing.

"Order Processing is a system used to keep track of item make times and provide accurate quote times to customers. We have seen more restaurants struggling to keep up with phone orders and deliveries. Keeping accurate order times for customers can help reduce customer complaints and keep the kitchen on track," says Mike Spence, President, SelbySoft, Inc.

This system allows restaurants to completely configure a customer ticket quote time by installing an Order Processing system in the kitchen. Once an order is completed by the kitchen, the order can be marked completed. The Order Processing system takes the average amount of time orders are completed and calculates a quote time.

Custom parameters can be set for minimum and maximum quote times and more.

Quote times are displayed on every POS terminal and also can be printed with a custom message on the customer ticket. Contact SelbySoft, Inc. at 800.454.4434 for more information.
SelbySoft, Inc.
Mike Spence