New Book from WildBlue Press Explores Serial Killers’ Motivations in Their Own Words

"Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers" Reveals the “Why” Behind Notorious Crimes

Denver, CO, January 23, 2021 --( Why do serial killers kill?

"Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers"​ is as close as you will ever come to discovering the answer ... and in the killer’s own words.

In this one-of-a-kind book, author Mary Brett corresponded with some of America’s most evil convicted serial killers and asked just one question: ​Why? Their return letters give an insightful look into the dark mind of each killer. The reader also will be able to scrutinize direct quotes, unedited, from ​interrogation statements, trial testimony, media interviews, and parole hearing inquests.

75 Serial Killers are included in the book, some only known to the unfortunate victims’ family, friends, and community, while others are the most infamous in the annals of serial killers. All bios feature the crime, the capture, the victims, and background facts. Crime scene photos, some graphic, are featured.

"Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers" is the 4th book from research writer, Mary Brett. She holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and currently lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her partner, dog, 3 cats, and bird.

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"Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers" released January 19, 2021 from WildBlue Press. A marketing copy is available upon request. To arrange an interview with the author, please contact WildBlue Press at

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Publisher: WildBlue Press
Publish Date: January 19, 2021
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