West Coast Self-Storage Installs Solar Panels at Its Daly City Storage Facility

Daly City, CA, January 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- West Coast Self-Storage Daly City recently completed installation of solar panels on the roof of its storage facility at 1001 E Market St, Daly City, CA.

Sandbar Solar & Electric of Santa Cruz, CA was the installer on the project, which constitutes 284 individual panels made by LONGi, one of the leading makers of solar panels in the world. Each panel will produce 380 watts for a total of 107.9 kW DC output. This amounts to 145,900 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year.

The project took 10 months from initial planning through to completion, with the actual installation process taking approximately one month.

Cale Garamendi, Project Development Manager for Sandbar, said that the storage facility would benefit in a number of ways. The solar panels will be able to offset WCSS Daly City’s energy consumption by 80-100% every month. This amounts to an estimated energy savings of roughly $35,000 for the first year. The storage facility will also be able to export excess energy back to PG&E (the utility that provides electricity to the Daly City area) and receive credit on their account at retail rates.

Another benefit is that the solar panels act as a break for thermal energy. By partially shading the roof, the panels provide a cooling effect, which will decrease the facility’s cooling bills.

Steve Tangney, Vice President of Real Estate for West Coast Self-Storage, explained why they decided to install solar panels at the Daly City location.

“With each of our projects we try to be as environmentally-conscious as we can. Our Daly City facility has a large roof footprint, which made it a good candidate for a sizeable solar panel installation. We’re pleased that we can offset our electricity bill and be sustainable at the same time. Also, Sandbar was great to work with and we’re glad we selected them for this job.”

West Coast Self-Storage Group is a self-storage property management, acquisition, and development company headquartered in Everett, WA.  The company currently has 77 managed and owned locations with fifty-six stores in Washington, twelve stores in Oregon, and nine stores in California. The links to their websites are WestCoastSelfStorage.com and SelfStoragePropertyManagement.com.
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Derek Hines