Anil Uzun Talks About the New Normal: What Will Travel Enthusiasts do?

Anil Uzun discusses the possible developments in the travel industry after the pandemic. And he assures his followers that he will continue to provide his travel itineraries on his blog once the travel bans lift.

Anil Uzun Talks About the New Normal: What Will Travel Enthusiasts do?
London, United Kingdom, February 02, 2021 --( “This is not normal,” he says. “I have been at home thinking of new ways of planning a trip after the lockdown and I have many ideas,” he adds. “I tell myself, I will not take off my mask or face shields,” he continues.

Anil Uzun also adds that travellers will not be able to roam freely around the world, once the travel ban is lifted; people will need a health certificate to travel in addition to passports.

“When this all ends, I will be cautious, and I will start planning weeks or even months ahead before I set off on a trip. I will have to prove that I am COVID-19 free before I travel. Also, visa processes will get more complicated, I will wear masks and gloves, walk through thermal scans, and follow social distancing strictly. I miss traveling a lot and I will share my plans with my followers on my blog.”

Who is Anil Uzun?

Anil Uzun has been traveling since childhood, and in 2007, he began to travel professionally and started to take notes of his trips and created a travel journal. He has been making money from traveling since then. He has been traveling for about 13 years in many kinds of forms and he tries to earn his living thru traveling. Up until COVID, Anil Uzun has been to the Chinese Wall, Taj Mahal, Amsterdam, Cancun, Ipanema, Northern countries, and created stories to share with others. He made routes for himself in his routine and shared the routes with others on his blog and social media accounts. In his yearly plan, he had 20 countries to visit in one year and created travel routes that included two countries per month.
Anil Uzun