HammerTap Launches New Tool to Help eBay Sellers Make More Money

Orem, UT, April 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- HammerTap, the leading eBay research provider, has released a new feature that allows eBay sellers to determine their chances of selling and likely profit margins before investing in a product. The new research capability has been released with the latest version of HammerTap's eBay market research and is titled, “Should I Sell My Product on eBay?”

“One of the most important decisions eBay sellers make is whether or not to invest in or list a product,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap's CTO. “This report is designed to provide sellers with a quick way to determine if they can sell the product and how much they can expect to sell it for.”

The new report provides sellers with graphic representations of the chances of selling, distribution of price, and competition for a product or category on eBay. This detailed information enables eBay sellers to discover the hottest products and categories within the eBay marketplace and to make better product-sourcing decisions.

This new feature is one of the many analytical reports now available in the HammerTap software. These reports are designed to help eBay sellers answer the hard questions that affect their profit margins.

“The purpose of HammerTap is to provide eBay sellers with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand data,” Clark says. “This new report on the profitability of selling a product is just the latest installment in HammerTap's mission to better serve the eBay community.”

The new report is available to current HammerTap customers through an automatic update. All eBay sellers can access the HammerTap software and new research feature through a free 10-day trial, available at http://www.hammertap.com/freetrial/?cid=pr018.

About HammerTap, LLC
HammerTap is the original online research solution available on eBay, reaching out to sellers with answers about how to get the most out of their listings. HammerTap continues to offer sellers and buyers the most in-depth market research tools, dedicated support, and leading education. HammerTap solutions help sellers power-up their listings to increase sales and maximize profits, as well as help buyers make educated shopping decisions.

For more information, visit http://www.hammertap.com/?cid=pr018.

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