Machine Learning (ML) Enabled Detection of Early Stage Failure in Ultrasonic Flow Meters

A Machine Learning based approach to predictive maintenance.

Edmonton, Canada, February 04, 2021 --( Rogue7 has improved how companies use data gathered from Ultrasonic Flow Meters (UFMs) in almost every way, with a demonstrated ability to advance detection of hardware failures well in advance of incidents, events, and other issues that can lead to non-productive time.

"Operators now have the actionable intelligence needed to trigger preventive maintenance to avoid multi-million dollar pipeline shutdowns." - Douglas Fisher, President Rogue7

The Rogue7 Leading Indicators Module (LIM), uses UFM maintenance data combined with process data to help Operators predict and prevent STO/MRO (Shutdown Turnaround Outages/Maintenance Repair Outages) Incidents and Events associated with pipeline assets to enhance overall pipeline productivity. The result is a reduction in operational and process costs, improved yield, and reduction in OPEX associated with field operations. Operators benefiting from data science and analytics now have the ability to move from a reactive to proactive maintenance and process optimization model.

"Rogue 7’s ML-enabled Leading Indicators Module will detect minor and major issues and anomalous events, and can distinguish between those caused by operational conditions and those due to hardware degradation. This allows for actionable data and feedback to Operators to detect and highlight the early stages of hardware failure on a UFM/Flow Meter before the failure has progressed far enough to impact operations." - Ricky Barrera, Board Advisor Rogue7

Machine Learning takes monitoring data from SCADA, DCS, PLC, RTU, Telemetry, and Sensors, and makes it actionable. The difference with Machine Learning is that you are not just getting an alarm or alert, but a health analysis in real time that will alert operators to not only the anomaly but also a potential failure. This provides a clear line of sight to all levels of process owners including Executives, Engineers, and Field Operations. Machine Learning is a low cost, high value opportunity for organizations looking to protect their asset integrity, increase yield, and lower costs associated with ongoing field operations keeping all levels of your mission critical assets in working order.

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