Selkie Rescue Described as "elegant" and "all you need" by PCNet Online

Powell River, Canada, April 30, 2008 --( Award-winning, highly respected software reviewer Don Watkins of PCNet Online is raving about Selkie Rescue Migration & Data Recovery. Watkins describes Selkie Rescue as “elegant” and “all you need”. Saying he’s often consulted by computer users who have had a hard drive crash, in the past there wasn’t much Watkins could do to help recover business projects or pictures of the kids. Then Watkins tried Selkie Rescue.

In a review on his website, Watkins says:
“I've now found a life raft or more to the point a life boat in the form of a data recovery program called Selkie Rescue from Tugboat Enterprises. I have no idea what kind of voodoo magic goes on behind the doors deep within Selkie Rescue that allows it to access and recover data from damaged hard drives but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“I had a damaged hard drive that I had been meaning to try and recover for a couple of years and I hooked it up, got to it from another computer on the network and bang, everything that I wanted to grab from it was there. Note that Selkie Rescue didn't actually repair the damaged drive, afterwards it was just as dead as it was before, but I could, and did, easily copy data from it via the network.

“Setting up a recovery network may sound intimidating but the Selkie Rescue will gently guide you through the process. I keep thinking I've left something out but gosh, it's as simple as can be, the software does all the heavy lifting, you pretty much just click and go.”

Don Watkins is a founding member of the US Internet Industry Association and a lifetime member of the Association of Shareware Professionals, where he is a past board member.

Judi Tyabji Wilson, CEO of Tugboat Enterprises Ltd, the developers of the Selkie line of software products is delighted with the review on PCNet Online. “Don Watkins is a highly-respected software reviewer,” said Wilson. “We can’t wait for him to check out the rest of our Selkie products.”

Tugboat Enterprises Ltd. is a software development company specializing in file transfer and data recovery software. Their flagship product, Selkie Rescue Migration & Data Recovery, can quickly and easily migrate files between computers, even if one of the computers is broken. Selkie can bypass a non-functioning Windows operating system to recover data files with less than five key strokes. It has received several industry awards and international acclaim. It is quickly becoming the preferred software for fast, easy, secure data migration, as well as data recovery when Windows stops functioning.

Other products by Tugboat Enterprises include Selkie IT Edition, Selkie Quick File Transfer, Selkie Photo Rescue, Selkie Music Mover, and Selkie Email Rescue.

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