Slim Music Empire releases Sarki Vibez "Last Year" Video, Just the Video for Young Nigerian Youth

The 18-year-old Nigerian Afrobeats singer, shares the visuals for his most motivational love song “Last year.”

Abuja, Nigeria, February 08, 2021 --( Fast-rising Nigerian artist Sarki Vibez shares a new video for "Last Year," a track which was released on the 1st of January 2021 (Slim Music Empire). In the creative-shot visual, Sarki Vibez gives Nigerians Youth a hint and hope for a better 2021." Last Year” is already the rhythm of every young Nigerian youth now - the song enjoys plays in every part of the country, making references to some tragedies that took place within last year. The track is sure what is needed now.

Sarki Vibez, who was given a warm welcome to the Nigerian Music industry with his first ever single which was released on August 23, 2020 “That Love,” was a success for him.

It is so impossible to ignore Sarki Vibez. Born in Kogi State, the 18-year-old was raised in the confluence city of Lokoja, with a lot of cultural heritage from different parts of the country. Growing up to see a lot of abnormalities, Hardship, Crisis, and him struggling to grow with it. This mixed feeling motivates his approach to music, Motivational and Inspirational kind of songs.

Sarki Vibez music sound is one of a kind, very unique, and versatile, with an exceptional music concept of Afrobeats, it is almost impossible to trace his sound to any other artist in the world at large. With the use of classic Yoruba tune and English, his music speaks for a generation of young people around the world, especially the lower class struggling to survive.

When you hear his music though, one thing is clear; he has a motivational, inspirational, and powerful tune to make the young people stand on their feet and keep the hope going.

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Ibrahim Ismaila
For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact his management