Mechatronics Becomes a Universal Provider for Fuel Monitoring Projects

GPS tracking companies are always looking for a hardware supplier with a full range of sensors catering to various projects. Especially if it takes remote fuel monitoring. Recently Mechatronics added several new sensors to the list, thus becoming one of few hardware manufacturers with more than 10 fuel control solutions being offered at the same time.

Minsk, Belarus, February 12, 2021 --( Mechatronics is a Belarusian hardware manufacturer that offers a whole set of fuel sensors under Eurosens brand name: capacitive fuel probes, fuel consumption meters, customized fuel converters, CAN bus readers, and ultrasonic level sensors.

"From our partners’ perspective, it is very convenient to have one provider for all the hardware. We consult our clients and help with the choice of the sensors for a given project. Further, if our partners use several Eurosens devices, they get the support faster, no need to rush to various providers to complete the projects," says Anastasiya Martsynkouskaya, Head of International Sales at Mechatronics.

2020 became a special year for the company, as several new sensor models were released for a vast audience - customized fuel converters eurosens Dash and eurosens Dock.

Now it may be challenging to choose the right sensor for a specific application.

That's what Andrei Mazhei, telematics expert, says on the topic: “Fuel monitoring projects may require completely different approaches depending on the task and the vehicle. For example, fuel consumption monitoring of modern trucks can be easily done via CAN J1939, so we may use a CAN bus reader. If there is no CAN bus data available, we can use Eurosens fuel flowmeter. At the same time, fuel flowmeter can be installed on diesel engines only, thus for petrol we recommend to use classic capacitive fuel level sensors, like Eurosens Dominator. In case you consider the choice tricky, just contact Mechatronics team. We’ll help.”

Mechatronics develops a wide model range of sensors for fuel consumption monitoring, axle load, cargo weight and cold chain control. Mechatronics solutions can be integrated into fleet management systems, remote monitoring platforms and IoT networks.
Maria Bakinovskaya