ThrottleNet Launches Free Webinar on Cybersecurity Training

St. Louis, MO, February 12, 2021 --( ThrottleNet announces they have launched a free webinar on Cybersecurity Awareness Training in 2021. The webinar has been recorded and is available on the ThrottleNet website at ThrottleNet Cybersecurity Training.

ThrottleNet is offering a series of monthly webinars in 2021 to help small business owners combat the ever growing threat of ransomware and phishing attacks. The goal is to educate the end user so Internet intrusions can be avoided if possible with little or no damage to the organization.

“Cybersecurity is an ongoing issue and an attack is more likely now than ever,” said George Rosenthal, President. “Small businesses are often easy targets for cyber pirates. Organizations need to have the right tools and support from a Managed Service Provider in place to avoid any type of major event that could result in a devastating financial loss.”

The cybersecurity webinar addresses six key areas. These include the state of cybersecurity for 2021, common types of cybersecurity attacks, security definitions, general best practices, safely browsing the Internet and how to securely use email. In addition to the recorded webinar, the information is available as a free training resource in PowerPoint, pdf and word file.

Recognized as a leader in cybersecurity and data privacy, ThrottleNet’s webinars are an outgrowth of its efforts to educate small business owners. ThrottleNet was recently named one of the top cybersecurity firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly magazine. This is the second year in a row ThrottleNet has achieved this honor. Additional webinars on cybersecurity and other topics will be presented monthly. For information visit

About ThrottleNet, Inc.
ThrottleNet, Inc. didn’t become one of St. Louis’ top outsourced IT management and security solution providers overnight. The firm has more than two decades of doing things one way. The right way. The depth of knowledge, resources, and experience at ThrottleNet ensures your outsourced IT management and security solution is efficient and able to detect threats. Then stop them. Plus, it’s all managed by IT gurus who could write books on ransomware, botnet, DDoS, and phishing. While we invested in the brains, we also put a lot into our core technology divisions to address the business needs for a managed network and managed cloud. ThrottleNet constantly tracks customer satisfaction. The firm has received over 161 Google reviews from happy clients with an average score of 4.9 out of 5. These are customers who choose to share their experiences working with us. In addition, ThrottleNet is an open book management company where every member of the team shares in the firm’s monthly profits. This, coupled with the fact that customers are not locked into long term agreements, ensures each team member goes above and beyond to provide the best customer service in the industry. Partnering with ThrottleNet will provide the highest protection for your assets and help you achieve your business goals.
George Rosenthal