Stop the Bullying, Teach Compassion - Cultivating Compassion in Children LLC Releases 4 New Books

Sonja Wendt is a new Colorado children’s book author publishing four books in 2020 in the Cultivating Compassion in Children’s series.

Westminster, CO, February 13, 2021 --( Sonja Wendt is an award-winning author for the children’s book series Cultivating Compassion in Children. Sonja published 4 books in this series in 2020, two were released in May and two in December 2020. The books address topics on inclusion, understanding disabilities and the natural process of aging, bullying, acceptance, welcoming, and seeing beauty from different perspectives. The book, "Can Old Be Beautiful" made Amazon #1 seller in February 2020. One reviewer, Laurie Dawkins, stated, “I love, love, love these books! They are so cute and the messages are so perfect for now.” Another reviewer stated how his 3-year-old child loves Suzy Sunflower and talks about her daily. These books are generally fitting for children ages 4-8 but as C.S. Lewis states, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” Her books are brilliantly illustrated with vivid colors and scenery.

The Cultivating Compassion in Children series is about preparing, nurturing, growing, teaching, and appreciating compassionate children through creating increased awareness. The stories are intended for children to get a bigger picture, a greater understanding of different situations. Seymour and Serina Seed start each of the stories and then wrap them up at the end. Each of the stories have questions at the end to help facilitate a healthy discussion between the adult and child about the messages conveyed in the story. One book called BaBa-Balu Belongs, Too, goes through the metamorphosis cycle while addressing inclusion and acceptance and has additional questions related to that topic.

“Enhancing children’s compassion and kindness in human interactions one story at a time,” Sonja says. She has also connected her books with Imagination Videobooks a nonprofit organization who creates and distributes animated video and audio books for blind or low vision children and captions them for deaf children. She is planning to implement Reading & Seeding which is an intergenerational program where communities bring senior living center residents and daycare children together to adopt a grandparent/child, listen to her book readings, participate in a craft, and mingle and munch together.

Sonja’s books are available at Amazon.
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