New Bed Bug Inspection Company Opens in Burlington, Uses Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs for Detection

Bed Bug Sniffers, a bed bug inspection service in Burlington, NJ, announces the opening of its new business. It will help identify bed bug infestations for residents and business owners in Burlington County and Camden County.

Burlington, NJ, February 15, 2021 --( Bed Bug Sniffers, a bed bug inspection service based out of Burlington, NJ, is announcing the launch of its new operation. It will serve residents and business owners in Burlington County and Camden County by assisting them in identifying bed bug infestations.

Unlike other bed bug inspectors that rely on human-based detection methods, Bed Bug Sniffers utilizes the naturally acute sense of smell possessed by canines to identify the presence of bed bugs in any property.

Owner Ryan Lees decided to open a canine bed bug inspection company in Burlington because he saw a need for more reliable bed bug detection services in his local community. He believes bed bug sniffing dogs are the answer.

"Our bed bug dogs are unreal in terms of how accurate and fast they can be," Lees says. "They’ve gone through certified training to be able to sniff around a room, immediately pick up the scent of bed bugs, and tell us where they’re located. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes per room. It’s amazing to watch."

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs have at least 100 million scent receptors in their noses, while some breeds, like bloodhounds, have up to 300 million. (For comparison, human noses have 5 million scent receptors.) Moreover, bed bug sniffing dogs can detect scents at concentrations as low as 1 or 2 parts per trillion.

"Bed bug dogs are super accurate when it comes to finding bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs," Lees explains. "They’re so much more reliable than conventional, human-based detection methods. That’s why we’ve been so excited to open up and start helping people identify infestations early on, before they get too bad."

In fact, research conducted by Margie Pfiester et al. at the University of Florida shows that canines are able to identify the presence of bed bugs versus other insects with a positive accuracy rate of 97.5%. They can also differentiate live bed bugs and viable eggs from dead ones with an accuracy rate of 95%.

Bed Bug Sniffers officially opened for business in January 2021. It provides bed bug inspection services to residential and commercial customers in Burlington, Cherry Hill, Mount Holly, and surrounding communities.

Owned and operated by a local pest control specialist in Burlington, NJ, Bed Bug Sniffers provides canine bed bug detection services throughout Burlington County and Camden County.

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