BPW Bowmanville, Durham Region, Ontario Submits Petition to Government of Canada to End Coerced and Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women

Bowmanville, Canada, February 16, 2021 --(PR.com)-- BPW Bowmanville/Clarington, Durham Region has submitted a petition to the Government of Canada urging them to immediately enact legislation to abolish the practice of coerced and forced sterilization of Indigenous women and are urging citizens to sign in support.

Petition e-3080 to End Coerced and Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Women is published and open for signatures, on the petitions page of the House of Commons: Petition link is available on the BPW Canada website, Advocacy page.

Carrie Andrews, President of BPW Bowmanville states, “Coerced and forced sterilization of Indigenous Women has not been addressed in Canadian public policy although the practice is clearly unlawful under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She further adds, “Reproductive justice is the right of all women and girls.”

· Coerced and forced sterilization is in contravention of Canadian Human Rights legislation;
· The widespread practice of coerced and forced sterilization of women has been occurring across Canada since the 1930s;
· There is minimal awareness of this practice;
· The United Nations Committee Against Torture officially recognized that sterilizing Indigenous women without consent is a form of torture, and called on Canada to take action.

BPW Bowmanville is a not-for-profit organization. Our mandate is to empower women to lead and participate in making a positive change in the workplace, marketplace, government and community. Our goal is to improve the economic, social, political and employment conditions for women in Canada. BPW Bowmanville is a member of BPW Ontario, BPW Canada and BPW International.

Carrie Andrews
BPW Bowmanville
Carrie Andrews