Watts Battery Launches New Cloud-Based Product

Watts Battery, an international energy startup, which produces smart energy management systems, launches the cloud-based platform LINK allowing end-users participate in the energy market and make money.

Palo Alto, CA, February 19, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Watts Battery.LINK is a platform that collects and aggregates behind-the-meter data from every cloud-connected and registered WattsBattery module. Such information is vital for utilities experiencing continuous changes and technical challenges in their networks due to the rapid adoption of renewable energy technologies by residential customers. Watts Battery.LINK offers visibility to the grid edge while providing valuable power quality information to help utilities plan their networks more effectively. The platform enables real-time remote control of all connected modules, effectively facilitating demand response functionalities provided as a service to the grid operator, making a new stream of revenue for end-users.

“Our solution can be a convenient and comfortable choice for householders, and our suggested offer of a complete system of 9kW/7.2kWh battery and 6 kW solar is enough to cover the daily electricity needs of a single family household. For those who are buying a stack of 6 modules connected to LINK, we offer this all-in-one package at the price of just $11 500,” said Yuriy Vlasov, CEO of Watts Battery.

"We are confident that our products will help people to protect their houses from power outages and save on their electricity bills. Besides, our product is compatible with the vast majority of solar panels," Yuriy Vlasov said.

Watts Battery has successfully started a US market entry revealing its prototype product at CES 2018 and today having established business in Europe they are coming back with LINK, connected all-in-one smart energy system modules, which can be stacked upon each other like Lego. Despite the financial crisis and COVID, the company launched two factories in Europe and already found a production partner in the USA.

The Watts Battery modules can be installed in a house and connect to the cloud in just minutes. It gives a great opportunity to any householder to actively participate in the energy market and potentially achieve a payback in just three to four years.This can be achieved through LINK which will aggregate the energy from cloud-connected modules and offer it as a service to the energy market operator. Profits from this service will be shared with the end-users.
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