Mobile-Friendly Content from a PDF? Article View for nxtbook4 Makes It a Reality

Nxtbook Media introduced Article View for its nxtbook4 platform today. This powerful new feature makes it possible for publishers and content creators to design mobile-friendly content starting from a PDF.

Lancaster, PA, February 20, 2021 --( Nxtbook Media, a leader in digital publishing, is excited to announce the release of a powerful new feature for the nxtbook4 digital publishing platform. It's called Article View and this feature makes it possible to create responsive content using a PDF as a starting point.

Many businesses design their content for print. They already have PDF files beautifully designed and want to replicate that design digitally. nxtbook4 helps transform those PDFs into interactive and engaging online publications. Figuring out how to keep those documents beautiful while also accounting for the many different devices on which they are viewed has been a constant challenge for many businesses.

“Traditionally, viewing a PDF document on a mobile device has been inconvenient, clunky, and frustrating,” said Matt Berringer, Director of Marketing and Sales for Nxtbook Media. “Businesses had to choose between a beautifully designed PDF that doesn’t work well on mobile or a different design built specifically for mobile devices. Article View allows businesses to have the best of both worlds - a beautifully designed layout that also works well on mobile devices.”

This feature release comes on the heels of a redesigned nxtbook4 CMS which was released in December and more exciting features are on the way. This is all part of Nxtbook Media’s commitment to deliver excellence in digital publishing and to help businesses achieve their goals.

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Matt Berringer